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Qaisar Roonjha is brought up and schooled from Lasbela Balochistan; he has been active doing social and volunteer work since the age of nine. As the founder and CEO of several initiatives including Welfare Association for New Generation (WANG) – Pakistan based NGO which struggles for fairer society through it’s different intervention with young people. While only 26, Qaisar’s work has already been recognized by organizations in his native Pakistan and globally.

As an active young leader Qaisar is playing very important role both at ground and policy level, he has worked with institutions on creating a youth enabling environment for inclusion of young people at every stage of design, implantation and accountability process, Qaisar as a youth rights advocate has worked with provincial youth ministries in Pakistan to address youth policy issues lobbying governments to adopt youth policies. As an energetic facilitator / trainer, Qaisar has been facilitating workshops with the diverse group of people including youth, teachers, community leaders and university facilities around the South Asia, in last year he has worked with 50 thousand people across the region.

Qaisar’s work runs the gamut – from grassroots development work to advocacy to policy, His development work includes community workshops and trainings in issues including: Youth Leadership, Change, Conflict resolution, Civic Education, Countering Violence and Extremists, citizenship, communication skills, Social Media Activism, girls’ rights, sexual and reproductive health, Sustainable Development Goals, Girls Education, youth engagement, cross-cultural understanding and safe motherhood. His advocacy work has focused largely on these same issues, and working with agencies including USAID, UNFPA, UNOSDP Rutgers World Population Foundation, Do School Global and Soliya.

In May 2017 Qaisar graduated from Atlas Corps, where he served at Girl Rising’s head office in New York for one year as the campaign manager as part of his prestigious fellowship. Girl Rising is a global o movement for girls education.

In addition to his activism, Qaisar is a regular contributor to various local and national newspapers and he blogs at He has been recognized for his work by different government and non-government organizations like the British Council awarded him a Global Changemaker, USAID, Plan International and many others.


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